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Funny Video Friday

This week we're featuring 3 videos! I came across each of these because Facebook is actually starting to know me so well! *Disclaimer - Not all of these are funny. #1 First off is a sort of funny take on a very serious situation. I loved it ... continue reading...

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Funny Video Friday!

My Facebook has essentially become a stream of funny videos. I guess Facebook is on the right track with their algorithms to truly know who I am! In light of this revelation I have decided to start a new series titles "Funny Video Friday!" This ... continue reading...

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I hate being cold! If you are like me, you often have coat envy. I see a cute, cozy coat and want to rip it right off the poor unsuspecting woman. I am on location filming at least 5-6months a year. I never escape the elements. I am always ... continue reading...


A Daily Dose of Pictures

Here's a quick little post to show you a week in the Horton household through pictures. The sun is finally shining today but for the last month winter blizzards and bleak skies have overcast our great state of Texas. Here's some of the fun we had ... continue reading...


Peanut Butter Walnut Muffins

My boyfriend and I are headed to his families for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was not ask to bring anything specific for the meal. It can be difficult to decide what to take when you don't know what others are bringing. When that is the case, I bring ... continue reading...