The Beer Enthusiast

Do you love beer? No, I mean do you really LOOOOVVVE Beer! Then go check out my friends Instagram page "The Beer Enthusiast". You will instantly become a fan of the multitudes of beers that are featured by the duo of brother's, and if that doesn't get ya then their ever faithful mascot Lola will! Even if you only moderately like beer, which I hesitate to say we can be friends in that case but I will let it slide this once, you should still spend a second to peruse the beer stylings of this "enthusiastic" pair. 

It's easy peasy to follow them here....

Here's a little teaser just in case you're still on the fence.....

That looks like a mighty fine brew for the upcoming Halloween Holiday!

Are you seeing the cute little puppy trend now?

I think I'll try this beer next. You can find more information on each beer featured on their posts.

Sometimes she even has friends! Bonus for dog lovers.


She looks sad here though and I don't like that. I think I will have to talk to them about this one.


OK one more of just Lola. I promise I like the beer too, but dang she's a cute pup!